Position Profile – President – WBE Canada

Date: September 28, 2017 Author: inquiries@wbecanada.org Categories: Community News


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Role: President

Reports To: WBE Canada Board of Directors

Location: Toronto


The Organization

WBE Canada is a national, non-profit organization, led by corporate members, that is opening doors to new supply chains and is helping women in business to grow.

It certifies firms that are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by women and introduces them to opportunities with corporations. The organization also partners with governments, women’s business centres and other women communities across Canada. 

In addition to certification, WBE Canada delivers education, training, coaching and mentoring programs that ramp up the capacity of women business owners to bid successfully on large procurement opportunities. This support contributes to significant growth for women's businesses. The organization also facilitates the building of strong networks for women by connecting them both with procurement officers of top corporations and with other certified firms in order to enhance bidding capacity.

WBE Canada also provides tools and programs to help its corporate members develop robust supplier diversity initiatives in their organizations.


The Role

  • Reporting to the Board of Directors, this senior leadership role, based in Toronto, Ontario, will ensure the efficient and effective leadership, operation management and development of WBE Canada in accordance with its mission - WBE Canada is dedicated to advancing Canadian prosperity for the benefit of women business enterprises, corporate and public members, by collaborating with partner networks and Regional Partner Organizations through Access. Certification. Growth.”


Key Areas of Competence and Responsibility

  1. Leadership
  • Implement the organization mission and annually develop a comprehensive operation plan with metrics monitored regularly to the board.
  • Develop the partnerships, resources and expertise to implement the mission: WBE Canada is dedicated to advancing Canadian prosperity for the benefit of women business enterprises, corporate and public members, by collaborating with partner networks and Regional Partner Organizations through Access. Certification. Growth.”
  • To ensure the integrity and maintain both transparency and continuous improvement of WBE Canada’s certification as the recognized as the highest standard to certification of Canadian women business enterprises (WBEs).
  • Maintain and be recognized for being an authority of knowledge and understanding of the issues relevant to women entrepreneurs, and best practices in supply chain development and opportunities.
  • Influence policy development at local, national and North American levels to increase support for supplier diversity and inclusion in procurement activity, especially as it relates to gender.
  • Strong representation and liaison with other organizations (CAMSC; Regional Partners; etc.)
  1. Membership
  • Maintain and grow WBE Canada as the key national membership organization active in supply chain development for domestic and multinational corporations and procurement inclusion.
  • Continue to grow the corporate/public membership base to ensure a viable, vibrant and sustainable organization.
  • Grow the number of certified WBE’s and support their business success.
  • Provide relevant and timely information and support as requested to the board, corporate members, WBEs, funders, regional partner organizations and key stakeholders.
  1. Sustainability
  • Fundraise and develop revenue streams to ensure long-term viability of the organization in line with mission.
  • Be entrepreneurial in developing the projects to deliver on objectives and ensure continuous improvement of the organizational effectiveness and relevance.
  1. Promotion and Awareness
  • Build and develop profile in the media and with key stakeholders.
  • Develop and maintain effective networks and partnerships and maintain a high profile with WBE Canada's potential and current members.
  • Serve as the principal spokesperson of the organization.
  • Develop the brand and oversee the production of relevant publicity, reports and members communications.
  • Organize events, including an annual conference and awards.
  1. Effective Organizational Management and Development
  • Provide the Board of Directors with timely and appropriate management and financial information.
  • Work with the Board of Directors to continually develop the growth strategy by engaging stakeholders in the development process of developing goals to support WBE Canada’s mission, values and direction.
  • Recruit and contract with effective consultants to work on behalf of the organization to implement the annual operation plan. Ensure that the designated consultants have what they need in order to deliver on their contracts.
  • Ensure the proper management, smooth running and effective financial management of the organization.
  • Work with all internal and external stakeholders to promote a culture of quality management, professional accountability and self-management.
  1. Other
    1. Undertake any other duties which may from time to time be required; this job description is not intended to be either prescriptive or exhaustive but is issued as a general guideline to the main areas of responsibilities

Candidate Profile

The successful candidate will be a commercially focused, results-driven professional with demon­strated expertise in all areas of a Not-For-Profit or For Profit organization. This executive will act as a subject matter expert and have the gravitas, confidence, and communications skills to inspire confidence in WBE Canada’s membership, Board, leader­ship team and potential new members. S/he will continue to implement, and update when necessary, a vision and strategy for the organization that will drive desired behav­iours and business results. WBE Canada is looking for a business partner, someone who enjoys getting in­volved with business and contributing to the continued development and growth of WBE Canada.  As well, s/he will be a culturally as­tute professional who promotes diversity and inclusion and enjoys working across a Pan Canadian environment and cultures.

The successful candidate will have strong relationship management skills and the demonstrated abil­ity to influence and motivate various current and potential stakeholders of the organization. S/he will be someone with a genuine pas­sion for identifying, developing and securing new corporate members while retaining current members as well as increased funding. This person is not a ‘power broker’ but will drive teamwork and a highly collaborative work environment.

The successful candidate brings 10-15 years of business leadership experience with a Canadian national or re­gional organization.

In terms of the competencies required for the position, we would highlight the following:

Business Acumen

  • The successful candidate will have superior intellect that combines business acumen, analytical skills, conceptual ability and judgment, and includes a strong grasp of the financial and economic driv­ers of the overall
  • S/he will be a technically strong business leader, who is balanced across all aspects of business in a Not-For-Profit or For Profit environment.
  • S/he will understand the business issues unique to WBE Canada and the Not-For-Profit sector.
  • Experience leading an enterprise during a time of growth and transformation would be highly
  • Experience in financial management of budgets and fund raising with corporate guidelines is key to this role.

Strategic Thinking

  • S/he will have strong skills in strategy, organizational/capability building, change management, busi­ness partnering, fund raising, program development, employee communications and membership development.
  • S/he will have experience with organizations renowned in world-class operations, and will have the ability to inject relevant best practices and innovation into the
  • S/he will be able to assess an organization and develop/execute a strategy to achieve best in class results
  • S/he will have the ability to identify the business long-term goals and the opportunities and challenges that come with those goals and, working with a Board, develop strategies for the organization to meet those goals.

Executing for Results

  • S/he will have a track record of driving initiatives to closure and have an ability to influence, negotiate and create ‘buy-in’ of others in order to accomplish goals and strategic initiatives.
  • S/he will drive results that have a positive and direct impact on business performance and will hold her/himself and others accountable for achieving goals.
  • S/he must be comfortable rolling up her/his sleeves and acting as a ‘player/coach’.
  • S/he will be a successful ‘builder’ – someone who has led organizational initiatives to foster a passionate culture focused on the membership and getting

Managing & Developing People

  • The successful candidate must have effective people management skills and should have a demon­strated history of attracting and retaining high performing talent dedicated to professional ex­cellence.
  • S/he will have a track record of building trust across the organization and must be capable of ‘style-flexing’ and quickly building relationships/gaining credibility with colleagues, members and partnering with business leaders in a highly non-hierarchy organiza­tion and cross-cultural
  • S/he will demonstrate the highest levels of integrity and will be able to forge trusting, open, and produc­tive working relationships throughout the

  Work-Life Balance

  • S/he will have a clear understanding of the balance between work and personal life and ability to work hard while at the same time approaching the role with a sense of humour and making time to have fun and ensuring others model the same behaviours.

 Communication Skills

  • S/he will posses excellent communication skills in both formal and informal settings, including oral, written and presentation skills to both partners, employees and members (current and future) as well as community leaders.

The Ideal Candidate, as it relates to WBE Canada, will have demonstrated Experience, Skills, Knowledge and Competencies in the following:


  1. Entrepreneurial experience, include experience running a non-profit and/or company
  2. Track record of strategic management responsibility, team building and leadership with extensive success in project planning and completion and delivering events/conferences


  1. Ability to secure new Corporate and Government entities and support existing Corporate Memberships
  2. Ability to work with funding agencies
  3. Ability to foster and maintain collaborate relationships
  4. Ability to work alone and as part of a team
  5. Ability to project and manage budgets
  6. Ability to develop and manage marketing plans resulting in revenue generation
  7. Excellent communication skills, including written and presentation skills
  8. Management skills and capabilities


  1. Empathy of women business owners and knowledge of the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs
  2. Understanding of Government policy framework


  1. Some travel required
  2. Familiarity with Microsoft Office or equivalent and ability to use social media
  3. A ‘self-starter’ with excellent motivating skills, enthusiasm, sound judgment, political skills and vision
  4. Bi-lingual (French/English) beneficial