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WBE Canada also works to facilitate valuable on-going learning and doing business webinars for our community.

Below are the most recent webinars from this fall.

Don't miss an opportunity in 2018.





WEBINAR: Tools for Growth - Procurement & Technology


(recorded on January 31, 2018, copyright WBE Canada and OMX)

Hayley Clift, Senior Account Executive at OMX  highlights Procurement, Technology and examines some of the Federal Programs and Initiatives currently underway. On this webinar learn about:

  • Federal government Defence Procurement Strategy (DPS)
  • The Industrial and Technological Benefit (ITB) Policy
  • How ITB will ensure that defence and security procurements are better leveraged to create jobs and economic growth in Canada
  • How to find and search opportunities within larger public procurement for contracting opportunities in solutions like OMX 


WEBINAR: Doing Business Internationally - EDC Supports YOU


(recorded October 24, 2017, copyright WBE Canada and EDC)

Amesika Baëta, Account Manager, SME Solutions at Export Development Canada (EDC) and WBE Canada focus on doing business internationally and growing through export.

EDC shares

  • an overview of who they are and what they do
  • insights into the support and tools available for export growth
  • address frequently asked questions
  • plus highlight specific information related to Canada's automotive industry


WEBINAR: Data Communications Management - Tips to be Successful as a Certified Diverse Supplier 


(recorded September 6, 2017, copyright WBE Canada, DATA Communications Management and Britton Management Profiles Inc.) 

Sherri Spinks, Director, Strategic Procurement Services, DATA Communications Management shares with WBE Canada more about DATA Communications Management, their supplier diversity program and how to do business with them. Plus #WBECanadacertified Marty Britton, President/CEO of Britton Management Profiles Inc. will highlight her experiences as a certified diverse supplier working with leading corporations, including DATA Communications Management.

This webinar event is ideal for anyone looking to learn more about the advantages of certification and how to do business with leading corporations.


WEBINAR: How to Prepare to Land YOUR Next Big Opportunity?


(recorded August 30, 2017, copyright WBE Canada and BMO Financial Group)

Catherine Grosz, Manager, Supplier Diversity, BMO Financial Group and Mary Anderson, President, WBE Canada share tips and insights for honing your elevator pitch and being prepared for 1:1 meetings.

This webinar event is ideal for anyone headed to an event with matchmaker meetings.

Learn how to:

  1. Introduce your company quickly - in a minute pitch
  2. Prepare for multiple matchmaker meetings
  3. Present to a corporate buyer or buying teams