Press Release – October 2, 2017


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WBE Canada Celebrates Award Winners

Toronto, Ontario, October 2nd, 2017 – WBE Canada celebrated supplier diversity during a one day summit and supplier diversity procurement event on September 28th, 2017. WBE Canada’s National Conference and Matchmaker Innovate + Ignite brought together over 200 procurement professionals from leading corporations, supplier diversity internal champions, diverse suppliers, WBE Canada partner organizations, government and other agencies. Also attending were innovative women-owned businesses.

In conjunction with the summit, WBE Canada presented awards to those corporations and government who have led the way in supplier diversity and to those women-owned business enterprises (WBEs) who have achieved outstanding success.

By facilitating connections between women-owned businesses and the procurement processes of the country’s leading organizations, WBE Canada has enabled the success of multiple organizations.

“The awards celebrate outstanding businesses. Those honoured include Corporations and public procurement organizations that open doors to do business with women businesses, and WBE certified businesses who, through persistence, innovation, and dedication, have become suppliers to large corporations and government achieving significant business success.” said Mary Anderson, President of WBE Canada.

Winners of the WBE Canada Doing Business Awards, in recognition of 2017 WBE sales success utilizing certification, were:

  • Under 20 employees: Cargo Partners International Inc. Rosa Turchio, Owner
  • Over 21 employees and under 100: The Job Shoppe Inc. Meighen Nehme, President
  • TUCK General Motors Scholarship awarded to a business under 100 employees with business success leveraging innovation: LA Metal Stamping Lina Mody, President.

Awards in other categories included:

  • Kathy Cheng, President Redwood Classic Apparel, WBE Canada Ambassador 2017, in recognition of outstanding leadership to support Supplier Diversity in Canada. As a role model this WBE speaks about supplier diversity at a variety of events and is a well respected passionate champion of supplier diversity.
  • BMO, WBE Canada Corporate Member 2017, in recognition of outstanding leadership implementing Supplier Diversity in Canada developing robust supplier diversity programs including special activities and initiatives for women-owned businesses.
  • Kiruba Sankar, RBC, WBE Canada Corporate Leader 2017 in recognition of outstanding leadership implementing Supplier Diversity in Canada. Kiruba is an ardent promoter of supplier diversity both internally and externally with a focus on mentorship and supplier development.
  • City of Toronto, President’s Award 2017, in recognition of outstanding leadership by a public procurement entity to support Supplier Diversity in Canada by advancing support and knowledge not only at the municipal level but provincial and federal levels. As a champion for change, Mike Pacholok Director, Purchasing and Materials Management Division at City of Toronto is tireless in providing leadership.


About: WBE Canada is a non-profit organization, led by corporate members, that is opening doors to new supply chains. It certifies firms that are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by women and introduces them to opportunities with corporations. In addition to certification, WBE Canada delivers education, training, coaching and mentoring programs that ramp up the capacity of women business owners to bid successfully on large procurement opportunities. This support contributes to significant growth for women’s businesses.

For more information, contact:
Mary Anderson, President, 289 837 1821